Friday Funk – let the weekend commence

Two groovy creations to kick off the weekend. Both of these are a bit different from what I usually pick, but they fetched my interest. May them also fetch yours!

Sofi Tukker – Purple Hat

For some reason the groove of this track reminds me so much of Prince at his most funky. Yet it’s a very different beast, surely someone’s gonna sample a loop here and make it into something that Chemical Brothers would have been proud of.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that this track is pure, raw groove. In a quite timeless way.

Alvido – Mind

Here’s a track that I per definition am not supposed to like. Too “future <something>”, too commercial sounding, too happy, too melodic. Too mainstream.

But I do like it. A really tight, funky bass line rocks my headset like few others, and the cheerful atmosphere makes me… Well… Cheerful!
It’s a simple construction, doesn’t scare anyone off anything, and would probably not fit into any of the sets played by DJs at our imaginary underground club that we at Beatradar are supposed to cater to.

But damn it – who cares. I smile. How about you?

I added both of these tracks to our “House For Clubbers” playlist, where I collect some of the tracks picked from the slightly more mainstream landscape than usual for us. So if you’re tired of our deeper, darker and more sublime selections, this one is for you!