Mellow Monday: The Trova Treatment

There’s something about this guy, Trova, that just totally fits my ambient preferences. Experimental, yet accessible. Sprinkled with technical details, yet never overwhelming.

Hailing from Carolina Puerto Rico and now living in the USA, Emmanuel Hernandez (Trova) has been composing ambient music for just a couple of years. Here’s a couple of his recent releases, in this blog’s first ever double feature on the same artist!

Trova – Littlelwaf Linden

Twisting and twirling, like scap metal dangling in the wind.

Trova descibes this track as “diving deeper into Avant-Garde style compositions. Inspiration for Littlewaf Linden came after walking in a forest at night and finding the scent of the Little Leaf Linden tree.”

I still insist on my image of the twisted metals, though. 🙂

Dashii & Trova – Misunderstood

A collab between Trova and Dashii lead to this result. A gorgeous and bright piece:

Harmonic, almost melodic, but never breaks out of the exploring ambient textures. And sprinkled with the detuned and reversed little details that we know Trova so well for by now.

Both of these are added to our “Ambient Universe” playlist, where they rest in good company with the other ambient pieces we’ve selected on this blog.