Mellow Monday: To Travel On Quiet Grounds

Today I’ve picked two ambient pieces of the melodic nature for you, with the piano as the focal point. Lovely pieces of quiet, safe atmospheres.

Metanoia – Altered Perception

This piece is part of a 5-tracks EP.
Metanoia explains the project:
The main goal of every piece is to experiment with sound manipulation to create interesting and evolving timbres and moods. For this piece, in particular, I started recording a 30 seconds track with a piano and a synth pad, and then I slowed it down until it became almost 4 minutes long. Eventually, I pass it through an old EMI 88 tape to add that vintage timbrel character.

The result is, as I hope you’ve already discovered by listening while reading this, a truly captivating yet calming piece of work that really stands out amongst the melodic strain of ambient.

Emiji – Katharsis (Ambient Trip)

The second track today is also of the melodic kind, and maybe a bit more melancolic than the first but with a similar lovely atmosphere.
Said Miji:
I took my IDM song “Katharsis” and put it into more lush and ambient realm and vibe. A bit dark and very emotional
, and added,
No drums, a lot of textures, nice harmony and vibes.

And that’s exactly how we like our ambient.

Both of these tracks are added to our fantastic ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe“. A list that grows every single week. If you like todays two tracks you are guaranteed to find this list a pure delight. Follow it today!