Silent Sunday: Monday edition

What kind of utter madness is this – Silent Sunday on a Monday? Well, yeah. I’m lagging behind. Not that it matters – here’s a trio worth spacing out to.
Safe travels.

Lauge – Sollys (Revisited)

Once again we visit the Danish ambient creator Lauge and his remarkably harmonic world. There’s just simply nothing to hate about his work, unless dissonants are a required component in your aural enjoyment.

His new track, “Sollys” (sunlight) holds everything that classic melodic ambient is known for, and does so in a way that can’t be denied: This is calming.

Giuliano Poles – Magnetar

Giuliano from Italy is next, and this is the first time we’ve been invited into his world. A world I did feel instantly comfortable in. Less melodic in nature compared to Lauge. Deep drones hovering, shimmering, rolling. While our first track today, “Sollys” made me kick back and relax, this track ignites a curiosity in me:
What is this world, where are we? Somewhere slightly darker, massive structures, quite alien.

Bonus track:

USE – Holy Shit Planet Earth

Here’s USE again. We’ve covered them twice before, and their ability to facinate me has not died out just yet. There’s just something about Krystall Scott’s voice that is so pleasing. Seductive, intelligent, curious.

It’s not exactly ambient, this. Or is it? “Vocal based ambient”? I don’t know. Not easy to tag. But why should we. It’s a piece worth hearing, pondering about, and appreciate.

A nice opportunity to give you a little bonus when rounding off this rather delayed “Silent Sunday”.

Lauge and Poles are added to our ambient playlist “Ambient Universe”, where they reside amongst other great trips into the wonderful universe of ambient music.