Smooth and groovy: From deep to progressive

Time to go deep again! Two groovy house tracks, one well on the deep house side, the other a crossover between deep and progressive.

Soren Lemmike – Twang Splace

The title obviously refers to the really twangy lead guitar – quite original component in a deep house track. But at the core we find what I would describe as a “classic” deep house groove, sprinkled with samples that adds an accoustic feel to it.

Solid work. This is a real head bopper.

Johnny Sacree – Illusions of Grandeur

In the second track of today we increase the energy level one notch. This track has set foot somewhere between deep house and progressive house, and is a good example of how hypnotical one loop of vocal can become.

Driven by an acidic lead this one rolls into your head and stays there.

Twang Splace is added to our Spotify playlist “Deep Lounge“, while Illusions of Grandeur are found on our “A Progressive Underground” list.
Both lists are guaranteed free from cheese. Only good, deep underground tracks well worthy of your time.