Techno, the hard way

Techno is a genre that I keep coming back to here on this blog. I love the genre. Dark, gritty, deep, repetitive, mechanical, stomping and big.

But today I believe I’ve picked a track that is a bit harder and faster than what I usually go for.

Cheap Orange – Defrag

This one starts off pretty damn innocent. But don’t be fooled by her smug smile – ar around the 1:30 mark the beast within starts to unveil.

And from there on it just winds up to a tornado of a techno track. Bashing, insisting, mechanical and cold as steel. But with progression! Just the right progression.

I have to admit it it: This is not a sound I typically fall for, but I totally LOVE this one.

This track is a bit harder than the rest on my list, but I still want to add it to the Spotify playlist “The Techno Club“, where we collect the techno tracks we find worth covering here at Beatradar.
It’s good with a track that stirs things up a bit in there. 😉

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