Time For Thump: Progressive Power

Progressive House. A genre that’s really been messed real hard with over the last decade, practically ripped in in two very different parts. I don’t know if it was Stockholm House Mafia who first called their pop music proghouse or if they based their erroneous claim on other artists before them, but progressive house is meant to be deep and with a steady PROGRESSION. It’s in the god damn title of the genre, for crying out loud.

Ergo, throw all those tracks with cheesy vocals and EDM breakdowns out of the window. They are nothing but weed in the progressive crate, a diversion from what progressive house is all about.

Here’s something to jack the volume knob on instead.

Idem Zerum – Cursed

Purists will say this is a hybrid track and they are right, but the core of it is in progressive lands. Rolling, evolving, hypnotising. It’s more melodic than what I usually fall for, but the solid production shines in all respects and makes even a grumpy old guy like me nod my head and enter a dreamy state.

Dan McKie – Old Skool New Kool (Josh Wyen Remix)

We’re cranking up the steam with this next track. The above mentioned purists will probably say this track is leaning towards tech house, but ignore’em. This is a rock solid drive on a bed of progression, and damn that bass line is funky.

To be honest I think I could have very well lived without the vocal samples in this one. They do not contribute to the track and should be left out, in my never very humble opinion.
But luckily it’s not too much of it, and the fundamentals here are just so COMPACT and groovy, it should set any dance floor on fire.

Both of these are collected on our progressive playlist “A Progressive Underground“, where we gather only what we find as the finest species of the genre. And it doesn’t hurt that a vast majority of them are from artists largely undiscovered. Awesome!