Two for the dance floors: Serious tech grooves

Time to aim for peak hour again. The groove of these two tech house slammers will increase your pulse.

Mittone – Bass Down

I think these kind of tracks are so damn fun. One massive, MASSIVE bass that are just throwing us around like a whirlwind. A stupid vocal sample on top and a blatantly funky, bouncy beat beneath, and that’s it. That’s IT. All there is! But damn how it works. Every. Single. Time.

Show me the party where this track doesn’t whip up the crowd, and I shall show you a place you don’t want to be cause it’s DEAD.

Joachim Garraud – 3acid3 (Rezone Remix)

You’re served Rezone’s version of Garraud’s track, and he pulls the track a few notches towards tech house compared to the original. So while we’re still staying on the tech house side of things, we’re now going slightly deeper. And darker. But without losing an ounce of groove.

And to be honest, Rezone’s version would be my preferred version in my DJ bag.
That stab before the drop? Omg.

Both of these tracks are added to our “House For Clubbers” playlist, where we collect all the blatantly funky dance floor fillers.

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