Vital Voices: Vocal based electronica

Here at Beatradar we try to keep our focus firmly fixed on the underground. That means as an example that we very rarely approve vocal based tracks, as vocals typically pulls a track up to the more mainstream atmosphere.

But every now and then we do make an exception. Here are two such incidents:

Henry Green – Stay Here (Rohne Remix)

A wonderful chillout track, fantastic atmosphere. Lovely melody. Unique sounding without going the experimental route. And a vocal that at least fetched my attention and held it up until the very end.

I know this is not the last time I have this one rolling in my headset.

Erbaiwu – Desaturated

The calm tempo continues with this next track, but the similarities ends there. We’re on notably darker grounds now, with a track that takes strong vocal influences from classic rock song structures, all while following a production pallet in the world of EDM and underground rap. There’s also something indisputable eighties over this track. Without me using that as an argument against it.

Because, while the result is of a nature you really don’t expect to hear here on Beatradar, there’s something here that really just captivated me, making me hit that “approve” button.

I’ve decided to create a new Spotify playlist with “vocal electronica” being the theme, for these kind of tracks. That’s gonna be one awesome list!
But until I’ve got enough tracks on that list to make it public you’ll find these two on our “
Beatradar Selections” where we collect all our selections as we discover them.

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