A progressive crossover!

What do you get if you combine a Russian and Indonesian producer? An interesting proghouse crossover! And that’s what I got for you today. At the core we find a melodic progressive house track, but it spans quite wide. And the result is quite groovy!

INVRS & Aleksey Chertkovskiy – Under

One could accuse me of strafing across mainstream borders now, but personally I think we’re still on the right side of cheese. I mean, sure, this is melodic and vocal based and all that jazz, but my head bops! And that must mean something, damnit!

Cool texture on the vocals, groovy stabs, rock solid bass line… This thing here is solid work!

This track is added to our “It’s HOUSE Music!” where you find a good variety of typically quite uplifting house tracks. Continously updated as we find more suitable tracks for it!

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