A visit to the Electronica Outskirts

The tracks that I typically select for this blog may indicate otherwise, but I really dig music that goes a bit outside of the norm. Quite regularly I do find tracks that can be called “oddballs” amongst the submissions to this blog.

Problem is, it still has to be good. And far too many oddballs sound too much like randomness, “art by accident” in the hands of an inexperienced producer that intended to make something else..

Not so here.

Acadjmia – Myth, Domination, & Labor

This track is really a travel through an audio landscape, bits and pieces loosely knit together to fill the canvas. Starts out quite concrete with a recording of a radio broadcast(?), before it enters abstract spheres of frustration, despair and unsettlement.

Said Acadjmia, “I consider this song an Opera, my ode to capitalism“.

Not a track for the mainstream, that’s for sure. Nor the dance floors at the underground clubs we normally cater to. But the more power to it, if you ask me! A fascinating piece of work.

Unfortunately this track is not available on Spotify, only the free streaming platform Soundcloud. I guess it fits the theme of the track. 🙂 But that also means we can’t add it to any of our playlists.
Else you’d find this one to our quite cool Spotify list “
The Electronica Outskirts” – a list we don’t discover content for too often. If you like the above track, chances are good that you’ll also dig this list: