Days Of Deep!

My focus on Deep House continues, and these two tracks are part of the reason why my attention is maintained.

This is good stuff!

Nik Alevizos – Feels Good

We’re headed to Australia to find Nik and his latest creation. This groovy little joint sure rises my spirit.

I especially dig the slap bass sample sprinkled across the track, and when that wood block synth kicks in?… OMG.

This is a track that really makes us feel according to the title.

Simon S – Stranger

The Norwegian fella Simon takes us down into the deep house basements, but the disco groove is prevailed. Rock solid groove, sublime percussion, lovely dark and deep progression.

Elegantly building momentum without ever losing it, this is one fine piece of deep house.

Two track well worth adding to your deep house bag.

Both of these tracks are added to our quite glorious deep house playlist, “Deep Lounge” (“Stranger” will be added as soon as it’s on Spotify), where only the most classy grooves are allowed access. Enjoy them here, or there:

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