Friday Grooves: Let’s enter the weekend from the deep end!

My Deep House fixation prevails. Maybe it’s the autumn that’s put me in such a deep house mood?
Either way, I want to kick off this Friday with a double deep!

Moudy Afifi – Encyclopedia

Egypt! I think this is a first that I get to write about an Egyptian electronica producer. Awesome!

And what a true nugget of a track this is, too. I love how it remains so sublime all the way, but never at the expense of the progression. And can we hear an element of Egyptian heritage in the pluck synth? I imagine we might, although exotic elements in deep house is far from rare.

Either way, this one was quite the sweet discovery in my inbox this week!

Nihil Young – My Eyes

The next track for today is the most upbeat one, primed to kick you into weekend mode.

The Italian producer Nihil Young offer us a track that probably might be called a crossover towards plain House, but with at least one foot is firmly set in the Deep House camp.

A really smooth grove, and surprise surprise – I don’t have a habit of picking vocal based tracks, but here it works like crazy. Perfect!

Both of these tracks are added to our deep and groovy list, “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect everything deep enough as we come across them on this blog.