Marvellous Monday: Two Favourites!

It’s not like I dislike any of the tracks I pick for this blog. Obviously not.
But some I dig harder than others. And here’s two that I really enjoyed discovering.

Saiful Idris – J.K.S. Redux (Kerbside Conversations Remix)

I’ve said it plenty times before – but hand me some spoken word on deep beats, and I’m all over it.
And here we got such a track, backed by proper deep beats and excellent mix, there’s really no reason not to pick this one up.

Corderoy – Just Get It Done ( Shade pt.2)

We’re pumping up the beats a notch with this next track, who I guess primarily belong to the tech house bag?

And there’s just so much about this track that I dig. The pitched cymbals adds a wonderful touch, the insisting bass-line that just keeps hammering.
And finally, my favourite component: The looped vocal sample. Yeah, it adds a layer of sheer hysteria that I so totally can take off to. Again and again. As I have, for decades now.

We’ve added these to a couple of our less followed lists, but well worth following cause they are finally starting to be populated with great tracks. Saiful Idris is added to our “It’s HOUSE music” playlist, while you find Corderoy on our “BANGERS! House for clubbers“.

If you like the picks of today, chances are dramatically good that you’ll also enjoy the rest of the above mentioned lists!