Silent Sunday: Three ambient delights

I got three recently released tracks for you today, two a bit outside of what I usually pick, and one that is right up my alley.

Michael A. Muller (of Balmorhea) – Lower River

A more melodic and brighter piece than I usually select, it’s the interesting sound texture of the background drone that made me do an exception. I get positive vibe out of this work by mr Muller from USA, it gives me associations of a “new day, new opportunities” kind of mental state.

Exportion – Lull in the rain

We’re heading to Japan next, and a more introvert piece. Again a track that is a bit outside my typical selections but the atmosphere tickles my curiosity here too. Slightly unsettling, isn’t it? It sounds so concrete, yet very abstract. Where are we? What are we hearing?

4lienetic – Acheron

As I round off this Sleepy Sunday I am returning to my “typical” selection of ambient sounds, and this time we’re heading to Mumbai (India)! Awesome.

This piece is checking all the right boxes on my ambient preference list. Deep, rich pads, stretching out across the entire horizon in calm, harmonic ways.
A simple construction, yet with all the little details that supplies depth enough for us to dive deep into and explore.

It could have been twice the length, easily. Why stop at all, really?

All of these are added to our excellent ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe“, a list that now are closing in on 1500 enthusiastic followers. Come join us!