Techno Thursday: Three stompers across Europe

While I do appreciate most sub-genres of techno, there’s no denying that my favourite flavour is the massive, stomping, gritty and booming kind.
Here’s three of’em!

kMaj & KLuis – Seq019

Two Italians are behind this rough, dirty, stomping monster of a track. Layers upon layers of mechanical grittyness – this badboy is building momentum all the way up until it takes an acidic turn. Now, I’m usually put off by acid components – I think it’s so incredibly overdone – but here it works like crazy.

This is a banger for the main hall.
And it’s available as a free download on the above Soundcloud page!

David Kawka – One Thing

Here’s another track with that classic techno stomper feel, this time from Switzerland. Dark as the doom, rumbling like a troll, crashing and pulverising everything on its path.

H.E.R.B.E.R – Dutch Birthday

And finally we’re heading to the Netherlands for the third new pick for today: This majestic slammer of a track.

A tight mother of a bottom keeping it all together, all while trippy leads takes you on a journey to a dark, steamy place.
Like an underground techno club. In the Netherlands.

Let’s go!

All three are found on our Spotify playlist “Slamming Underground“, where we collect only the loudest, biggest techno tracks. Hit follow and join the stomp!

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