Techno Tuesday: Double Dubby

Today I want to take you in a direction within techno that I don’t visit too often: Dub/deep techno. The calmer and deeper sibling in the techno family.
Here’s two fresh releases of the kind.

Timur Fa – 6 of 9

Lovely, hypnotic progression on this one. Very classic dub techno sound.

A track to get lost in. Floating, dreamy, no sharp edges, no sharp turns. Just on and on and on and on and… Whoha where did the night go?
This is seriously good shit.

Yurk – Morphic Resonance

We continue the good roll from the first track, but increase the energy level a notch.

Again we get that lovely improvisational synth lead that just keeps twirling and tumbling. Contemporary jazz, techno style? I’d say so!

These two tracks made me realise that I really need to pay more attention to the dub segment. And so should you. This is smooth stuff!

I had no Spotify playlist suitable for this style of techno. Yeah I know – scandal. So I have started one, and these two are of course found there. Not much of a list to follow so far, but it will grow during the weeks ahead!