Techno Tuesday: Let’s keep the party going

Let’s continue our roll on the stompers, shall we? Here’s three fine, recently released techno tracks that keeps your party going.

Moud – Code 214

We’ve heard from Moud before, back with the release of “Moon Singer“, but here he is debuting on Spotify with this intense slammer of a track. A real builder of a track with elements of acid as well as progressive, we can call this a real crossover track although the roots are firmly in the techno side of things.

Unfortunately I think they’ve been a bit heavy handed on the compressor, but it still delivers a good punch.

Bassani – Syndicate

We increase the stomp level with the next track, Syndicate from the Canadian artist Bassani. This is techno the way I like it: Percussion focused, deep and slamming. And dark. Pitch dark.

I wanna go lose my mind in a dark techno bunker with this one rolling in the air.

Gabriel Baltazar – Burning Soul

The third track today is from Brazil and is slightly more minimal, but still stomps like crazy. And I’ve said it before; There’s something about “emotionless” spoken vocals on top of a naked techno beat that just is so insanely appealing to me. That combo is pure dynamite!

I really like the bare-bone construction of this track, as well as being well mixed. It rests on the concept of the track without bloating it further like many less experienced producers tend to do.

All three tracks are added to our Spotify playlist “Slamming Underground”, where you find those of our selected techno tracks that delivers the most punch. That list is pure, serious party.