Three that makes you cuddly and warm

No, not pills. I talk about music. And it’s way too long since I picked some properly chill tracks. Tracks that takes you somewhere cosy and relaxing.

So I’ll try to make up for that by giving you three in a row today.

Volta – Petrichor

Thew German act Volta delivers a lovely bassline in this one. And especially when the string instruments enters the stage? I don’t know about you but I enter a state of bliss. Absolutely gorgeously arranged.
A lovely track that deserves a spot on many chilled playlists out there.

Koresma – Northern Lights

Here’s a more “classic” sounding downtempo track. And thus runs the risk of falling under my “decline” hammer. But there’s just something about that haunting lead synth that made me stop. And listen again. And again. And that’s a good sign. So here we are.

Koresma is from the USA, and is currently working on “a four part album based on the theme of a compass”. Makes me instatntly wonder if Koresma is aware of the late Prince’s instrumental album “NEWS” with much of the same theme (North, East, West, South). But we look forward to hear that album! I feel pretty confident it’ll be worthy of our time, judging by the level of his back catalogue.

Father Sheed – None Yet, Really

I round off this session of chill with another really calming piece of music. A piece that maybe didn’t quite fetch me instantly.

But the groove is so elegant here. So loungy. So it grew on me at a steady rate, and when I reached the end I just wanted to hit play again. And that, my friends, that is a sure sign of getting included in this blog.

A footnote:
I wish I could make music like this. I really do. I’ve tried! But I always – always – end up with something darker and more hard hitting (typically towards deep house) or just flat out boring stuff with no groove whatsoever.

I’ve added all these three to our properly chilled list “All Chilled Out“, where all the calm grooves are collected as we discover them!

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