Throwback Thursday: A modern perspective on the eighties

I got a synthwave track for you this Thursday, making today what I call a “throwback Thursday”! And this time it’s a participant in a remix contest. And he didn’t even win!

Gunship – The Drone Racing League (Van Derand remix)

And this track reallty is something special. Really well mixed – and I so totally LOVE the way the vocals are processed. It kinda makes the track modern sounding – yet still very, very retro. And of course, it does help that the vocalist knows what he’s doing.

Gunship held an official remix competition in which over 100 artists participated. Remix by Van Derand won the 3rd price awarded by Gunship. We can only imagine how the first two sounded… Because overall I would say that this is one of the better synthwave tracks we’ve come across so far, of the ones we’ve picked.
Sounds ultra fresh!

So in my unhumble opinion it deserves more exposure than we are able to give it being it only on Soundcloud, but hey – that is Gunship’s decision to make. 🙂

If only this track had been on Spotify we’d add it to our playlist “More Eighties Than The 80s Itself“. But you find other really good synthwave tracks there, in a good blend of vocal based and instrumentals.
Be sure to check it out if synthwave is your thing!