Triple Crossover Time

The genre police often gets their panties in a knot when they hear crossover tracks. Me on the other hand, I tend to actually favour them. What’s wrong in crossing boundaries? Absolutely nothing, if you ask me.

Here’s three really good tracks that have one foot in the Progressive House camp, but are stepping over to each their good neighbours Deep House and Techno.

Barbour – Time

It starts off well within the borders of Deep House, then around the three minute mark it slides over to the proghouse side of things.
And keeps building. And building. Breaks down before shifting gear and builds again.

And I love every minute of it. All eight(!) of them. That’s what I’m talking about – this is proper electronica length. I see that far too rarely these days.

Miki Stentella – Saturday

This is electronica the way I like it! Big, dark and with quite a good pinch of progressive house. And all with a proper underground vibe.

The title indicates that Miki believe this to be a track for prime time – and I am not one to question that.

El Mundo x Zazou – House Of Lights

The third crossover track I got in store for you today is this one, from Germany. Obvious footprints of both deep and progressive house to be found here, but can we also claim (dub) techno is represented?

I think we can! Let’s agree on that, cause that makes this such an excellent way to round off – with all three genres in one. 🙂

Either way – these are three excellent pieces of electronica in their own rights, and deserves to be added to your playlists too!