Grooves from the deeper side of the house pond

Here’s two newly released tracks that leans towards the deeper sounds of house, and both with a very elegant groove. Quality stuff.

Music P & Marque Aurel – Deep Downtown

Classic vocal house vibes. Bouncy, groovy, snappy. And too damn cool. A track to feel good to. This is primarily a groovy house track, but I would argue this is just as suitable to set off the peak in a deep house session.

Bad Tuner – Nonyet

Despite the title of the first track we’re going deeper now with this next track. But the groove is just as prominent. As is the accessibility.

And dat russian voice. I for one doesn’t mind one bit that I don’t understand a single word of what’s being said. In fact it might even be an advantage. It renders the voice more like an instrument, and all focus is not automatically locked on the words. The latter being one of my main gripes with vocal based music in general.

Two great house tracks on a smooth tuesday!

You’ll find both of these tracks on the relevant Spotify playlists of ours. Head here to get an overview of our lists – all regularly maintained!