Here I go again: Charmed by a cute voice

It’s not the first time I make an exception for a vocal based track that’s not really suitable for underground clubbing at all.
And let’s be honest, it has proven to be quite obvious by now: A cute voice, especially if there’s a touch of accent to it, well I’m easily charmed by that. Just to state the obvious. Damnit.

This time it’s a duo from Germany that triggered my approve-finger:

shi offline – Krill

But hold on! But there’s more to it than that. I mean, there’s a ton of “cute female voices” out there. That in itself is not enough. Add to that a slightly quirky electronica production, and we’re homing in on the formula that works for me.

Cue: Shi Offline. A duo consisting of  vocalist Alisa Tsybina and producer Gordian Gleiß. And the vocal is definitely of the cute kind. Wrapped in an excellent, dynamic arrangement that paints a floating, yet catchy and playful soundscape.

When I check out the rest of the album this track is lifted off it’s tempting to describe them as a kind of a chaos-lounge version of Die Antwoord. If that comparison made any sense whatsoever 😀 Billie Eilish also springs to mind during some of the tracks on the quite varied album.

Either way – have a listen, it’s worth it. Refreshingly outside of the mainstream, yet easily accessible.

We are currently building a new playlist themed “vocal based electronica”, and this one is added to it. It’s a bit early to make a lot of fuss about it, but we look forward to present it once it’s a tad more populated. Some really, really good ones there already. Watch this space.