Midweek grooves: Two elegant moves

Here’s two laid-back tracks with interesting vocals as common grounds. One deeper, the other smoother. Or something. Check’em out!

Furrer – All I Need

For me it’s the vocal samples that made this track stand out. It does have an arabic feel, doesn’t it? And the accompanying production supports them just perfectly, giving a track I can play on repeat for quite a while. It sticks to your mind!

Wheel – Body plan

Here’s another fun production with vocal samples playing centre stage. Actually reminds me of the old releases of a favourite artist of mine, ISQA.
Lovely, chill atmosphere, and ever since the 12″ remixes of the eighties there’s always been something about chopped vocal samples that I so totally dig. I never grow tired of it!

Catchy melody, not over-produced, and it’s just so… Easily digestive. And I mean that in a good way. It’s like cream, just slides into my head and dances around in soft, elegant moves.

Two tracks well worthy of your playlists!

Both of these tracks are added to our lovely, laid-back playlist “All Chilled Out“, where we collect the best down-tempo discoveries as we find them.

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