Techno; minimal constructions at maximal effect

I’m once again heading outside my “comfort zone” when I pick new techno tracks. Although it must be said, on these two occasions I’m not really that uncomfortable about it. They’re bloody good in each their ways.

Brut – Noiselife

It’s brutal, this one. A detuned, twisted lead drills into your head and mess you up. It’s already played by Carl Cox at Burning Man 2019, and that should be no great surprise. This is Cox land. That same minimalistic construction, very techno, very… Cool.

But man, it’s brutal.

Rework – Loin De Moi (Ryan Crosson Remix)

We’re heading towards deeper lands for this next track, a good step in the direction towards dub techno. A fantastic drive on the beat makes the repetitious nature of this track to work like a charm. It could probably go on for at least ten more minutes without me turning even the slightest restless.

In fact this track works perfectly as an example of repetition done correctly. The progression is perfect. Minor steps, and added perc here, a hint from a new sample there, all while keeping the fundamental groove intact. No sudden moves, just a steady, sublime build.

Two excellent pieces of techno.

Both of these are added to our Spotify playlist “Slamming Underground”, where we collect our favourite techno tracks as we discover them.