Time to cure technophobia

Ok, so they may not cure the most ardent of technophobes, but these two tracks have a downright fantastic drive that should convince the rest of the doubters.

REEON – Atmos

Massive. This is MASSIVE. Huge soundscapes, sky scrapers as tall as the eye can see. A monster of a track, it just rolls over you with its huge crossover wheels, knitting together the proghouse and techno genres with steel wires.

We’ve covered Reeon before, and this is a name well worth exploring.

Nuta Cookier – Unukalhai Star

We are really pulling what’s left of plugs out with this next track. This one is banging the underground. This one is peak hour material.

A dash of acid is added for good measures. Now, I must admit that I’m not really a super-fan of acid elements in my tracks, but here it works thanks to a track progression that is just simply perfect.

Both of these tracks are found on our Spotify playlist “Slamming Underground [The Techno Club]”, where we collect the tracks that slaps some serious techno grooves.