Two moments of chill beauty

Today’s picks are two calm electronica tracks that stood out from the crowd thanks to their genuine sound and sheer beauty.

Andrew Rothschild & Good Lee – 24

One could say this is classic chill vibes, but man the floating atmosphere here is really something special. Dreamy as can be, loooong reverb tails are elegantly filling out the canvas. And the vocal samples we hear snippets of here and there adds an exotic flair that fits the track perfectly.


Cubicolor – Points Beyond

The vocoder effect on the vocals takes us fast back in time, but the rest of the production is of a contemporary character, creating a contrast that is really pleasing to these old ears. With outstanding sound design details that’s never overdone, all quite sublime and coherent to the overall feel of the track. One can hear experience at work here.

Cubicolor is a dutch trio and this track, along with the rest of their album ‘Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night’ is produced in their Amsterdam river boat. Pretty cool in itself, at least for us whom the Amsterdam boats are quite exotic locations.

Both of these tracks are added to our Spotify chillout list, “All Chilled Out” where they reside with other harmonic, calming pieces of electronica.