Boot up the weekend: House Music for the win!

No more mr calm guy. I’ve given you a downtempo week so far here at Beatradar, so time to increase the intensity at least one notch.

MATTE! – Fever (Remix by 59 Perlen)

This is a real hybrid of a track. Glitch, deep house, prog, techno… We find traces of it all here. And I think it works well together! I particularly love the little glitches here and there, sparsely enough for it to be a surprise each time. Less is more!

And the fundamental, tight house drive this whole track is built upon? Really good. Oh yes baby. Love it!

Timur Fa – Omen

We’re heading deeper into the house landscape with this next track, a construction with more open space in the soundscape than the rather tight Fever remix above.

Quite dubby, minimalist perhaps, and notice how the various layers of sounds, from the drum machine to the bass and synths, all fit so well together and forming one floating blob of glossy, techy awesomeness.

It’s also quite retro, taking me back to the early 90s and acts like Lil’ Louis. Oh! If you’re too young to remember little Lil’, go check him out. One of the techno/house pioneers.

Two excellent tracks to boot up our weekend mode!

Both of these tracks are added to our Spotify playlist “It’s House Music!”, where we collect the best house tracks as we discover them. Far too few follow it today – hit that heart shaped button if you like what you hear!