Friday Beat Bar: From deep to progressive

Two tracks that both holds two of the qualities I look for in my club music: Depth and progression. This is how I want my weekend to sound!

Mentat – June

Here’s a gorgeous example of those deep species, those that dance on the border between techno and house. Is it “meloic techno” they call it today? Like if that wasn’t a contradiction… To be honest, I don’t think I’m properly able to define those borders anymore – strictly speaking, from the “original” definitions of the genres, most of what they call “techno” today is what we used to call “house” back then – particularly “minimal house”.

Anyway, back on topic: The deep, calm groove at play here is just so, so satisfying. Groovy, but never demanding. It just lays out a blanket of sweet techno soul and let it wave in the mild breeze, striking our chins. And we smile, and wave with it.

… And it sounds excellent too, technically speaking! Well mixed, well mastered – those things matters.

59 Perlen – Arcane

Here’s another one with a beautiful, progressive drive that just keeps pushing the mood up, up, up. Smooth ridin’, big leads with mountains of reverb and delay, all that stuff that makes a track BIG.
Never falling into any of the cheesy pitfalls, it navigates steadily to the harbor.

There’s a lot going on in this track, but never too much. And they all pull in the same direction.
And we like that direction.

I added “June” to our deep house playlist “The Deep Lounge“, where it resides with other excellent lounge/deep/dub tracks.

“Arcane” is added to our Spotify playlist “A Progressive Underground“, a list that’s not gotten its deserved attention in a while. Check it out, if you like the tracks of today you’ll probably dig a lot of what’s found there!