Friday Funtime: Triple Techno Treat

I continue from where I left off yesterday, with another trio of really good techno tracks. The first two of the “classic” kind, the third is a kind of a surprise, the Joker in the deck. Check’em out!

Zerotonine – Desire

Kicking off this techno session with a “classic” techno track. Big sound, slamming, massive synths, filters working on overdrive – this is familiar grounds. We’ve been rockin’ to these kind of tracks many times. And loved every minute of it.

As you will now with this one. Trust me.

Lowshape – Hypotesis Of Ameno

Going slightly harder on this next track and also a worrying step towards trance in the break there, but still I’d say within the same regions as the first track: This is stomping. Massive synths, huge buildups, tons of reverb, all that jazz.
But come on. We like it like this!

Mizz Martinez – Tantric Tech

One might critisize me for being a bit too traditional with my first two selections. Fear not, we still like oddballs around here. So my third pick in this Techno trio is a bit on the exotic side.

There was a time where “techno” meant “sounds we’ve not heard before”, where experimentation was the main component. But nowadays I’m not even sure I’d classify this one as techno as the genre is today, but it does at the very least borrow a lot from the techno sphere.

As if the sound of this track didn’t put it firmly outside the mainstream, there’s also these odd lofi production details, audio dropouts and bitrate type distortion that makes you just stop and wonder, is it supposed to be like this? I love that.

The main loop is as hypnotising as can be, and all in all this track is really a trip. One of the wildly imaginative yet good ones.

The two first jumped straight into our Spotify playlist “The Techno Club“, where they will linger with the rest of the fantastic slammers we’ve discovered.

But I didn’t really know where to put Tantric Tech in all this – it doesn’t blend well into the other tracks on that list. But we do hope you got a playlist for it! It deserves to be played!