Happy Holidays: A retro moment with an excellent synthwave track

This time of year is all about traditions and looking back. So in the lack of a real xmas track (there’s far between those in the electronica world) I have chosen a really retro one instead.

Information Society – Room 1904

This is Erasure meets Depeche Mode meets Kajagoogoo meets Ultravox, Human League and pretty much all the other synth-bands of the eighties. And they’d all look at this track with envy.

I mean, couldn’t this so totally have been released sometime in the latter half of the eighties – and become a hit? So legit sounding that it’s almost unreal. It even sounds slightly muddy – as typical of the time and opposed to the ultra crisp digital sound of todays productions. Really well glued together!

The only thing that may reveal coming from more current times is the tempo – there wasn’t many pop tracks this fast back then. Although definitely not without exceptions.

So, all in all I find this one to be a synthwave release that very well could have a production date of ancient times: 1985.

And with that I wish all our readers a happy holidays!

Obviously added to our synthwave playlist “More Eighties Than The 80s itself“! If you like what you hear here I can guarantee you will like the rest of this list. Follow it today!