Midweek Moments: Downtempo delights

Today I’ve paired two downtempo creations for you, two tracks that really shines in all their originality and sheer solitude beauty.

Alishimali – They Start to Live Differently

The Irish act Alishimali is surely not afraid to take his time – and wisely so. There’s just something about tracks that last for a good while and not just haste to the end. They can flesh out a world of more detail.
And this track gives us plenty time to settle down and study the world on offer.

And you should! If downtempo tracks are at all within your preferences (and why read this post if not, really). This is good stuff.

Unfortunately, so far it’s only available on Soundcloud so I can’t add it to any of our playlists. Yet. We should do something about that…

The Familiar – Everything

Next up is this Norwegian duo and their “Everything”, a track that according to the band is “a smoldering tribute to northern Norway — a magical place that beckons like a siren, where time seems to freeze in a darkness that never moves.”
And, well, as a fellow Norwegian I can’t deny the above description. 🙂

Lovely soundscape, excellent arrangement and a vocal that sits perfectly with the rest of the production.

The track gives me associations to a handful of other artists from here up north, I guess it’s the cold that makes us like this?

Not to indicate that they are copycats, not at all. It just sounds very… Familiar…

… I’ll close the door on my way out.