Saturday Stomp: House For Clubbers!

These two tracks have no pretentious ambitions, their only focus is to set the dance floor on fire. And they will…

It’s House for clubbers!

Knyghts & Nicholas Latiff – I Need (Need You Now)

Should we call this Minimal? Progressive? Or just plain House music?

Ah man I’m just so tired of the genre stuff. Let’s just call this House For clubbers, because that’s what it is. This one is built to move floors. And the floor will dance. If they are clubbers.

A classic house organ leads a track that really is quite timeless. It could have been made just about anythime this century. Predictable – we’ve been down this road before – but still with a unique sound that makes us remember it.

Crush Club & LP Giobbi – Angel

And with this next track we go full on Tech House – this is so clubby that it’s almost funny. Again a “timeless” sound. Familiar grounds for the experienced – but it’s probably this exact vibe that made us clubbers to begin with, right? At least that goes for me.

And when I say “familiar”, I do not mean “generic”. This track has tons of personality that will stick to our minds and keep rolling long after the track is over.

“I’m not your… I’m not your… I’m not your… Angel!”. So true.

Both of these tracks are added to or Spotify playlist “House for clubbers“, where they hang out with other cool tracks guaranteed to trigger your stomping feet.