Silent Sunday: A quiet moment in space

I was about to write “a quiet day in space” as the headline, but that’d be utterly stupid even by my standards.
Either way – time for a new Silent Sunday. Two particularly good ambient works are ready for your discovery!

Machiavellian – Photosynthesis

A looped, flanged pad builds the foundation of this track, but with a progression that almost, aaaaalmost becomes too energetic for me – and then straight out of nowhere it calms down into a second loop and fades away. Like an extra-terrestrial being.

And I am left with a sensation of wonder. I enjoyed the encounter.

Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri – Elevado Como Barrilete

Now here’s a track that is extraordinarily spot on my preferences. It’s, as far as I am concerned, the perfect ambient piece.

Notice all the little details – how the many layers evolve and coexist like an organic being, your mind can drift off in all kinds of directions within this audio landscape and discover strange little details absolutely everywhere. Without ever becoming overwhelming, never pushing anything too hard. It’s just… there. Like a massive cloud of movement.

This is why I love ambient, this right here is the reason.

(and it’s a scandal that this track is not available on Spotify. Seriously. So we’re left drooling outside the shop window, unable to enter)

Photosynthesis is added to our quite fantastic Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest ambient tracks. Those who takes us out there, far out in space. Elevado Como Barrilete is not available on the usual streaming platforms, so I can’t add that one. Sad face.