Sleepy Sunday: Let’s explore a metallic field

It’s been a while but Sleepy Sunday is back! And this time with an ambient track that is a bit different from what I usually pick. In fact it’s a bit different from most other ambient releases.

Merely Sounds – Track 191030

There are sounds found here that makes me wonder if they are not based on field recordings of some sort. Very physical, very metallical. Not your typical synth sounds.

And very, very triggering of my imagination. A staple of good ambient releases.

The level of experimentation on this track is in perfect balance with staying true to the ambient “formula”. It’s “weird enough”, but not “too weird”.

All in all, simply an interesting release I found worthy of dedicating a Sleepy Sunday to.

Unfortunately this artist can’t be found on Spotify, so I can’t add it to my excellent Spotify playlist. But this is a nice opportunity to point out that I do also have a presence on Soundcloud!