Smooth vocals going deep

Today I have paired two really gorgeous vocal deep house productions for you. Gorgeous, I say! And that’s coming from someone that really prefer instrumentals. But these two… Are too damn groovy.

Tush – Into You

Starting out with the deepest of the two, this one really rolls out an intriguing groove. I get very 90s vibes out of this one. Not that I claim it’s a true recreation of the typical vocal club hits of the 90s, but it’s kinda like a 90s track if made today – if that made any sense whatsoever.

Either way, it has a gorgeous “neverending” groove that really could have kept going even longer than the already quite generous duration. This is simply put a really good production!

Diana Boss – Hurt 2 Satisfaction feat. IMUR

And it doesn’t get any worse with the second track, from the Canadian act Diana Boss. A very classic house groove establish the frame right away, a track with a lighter house feel than our first track. We’re closer to “traditional” vocal house here.

And just listen to the smooth vocals on top – gorgeous, isn’t it? Just so, so groovy. A disco house remix of this one almost begs to be made.

Two excellent vocal house tracks that deserves a place on your playlists too!

Both of these tracks are added to our elegant collection of lounge and deep house tracks, named “The Deep Lounge“. Follow it for a trustworthy source of new, smooth grooves!

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