Techno Thursday: Deeper and deeper and… Oh F%¤&

It’s about time I return to techno again! It’s been a while so here’s three in a row to cure our withdrawal symptoms – and actually I got even more techno for you the coming days!

Well start off on rather bright grounds, before we go deeper, and deeper, and…

Mateo! – GTK 1972 (J SWINK Remix)

We start off this techno fiest with one rolling giant of a track – from Hungary! Surely this must be the first Hungarian techno track I’ve picked for the blog.
I’d say it’s in the borderlands between techno and tech house, and offers a massive creation of bass, beats and filthy noise. I have to admit I’m slightly worried about how that screaming drone will sound in a massive PA system…!
There’s an weil of retro over this track, it’s wrapped up in a familiar fashion. And there’s zero wrong with that.

Love it!

Jake Kaiser – She Said

Next we head over to the USA, there we find Jake Kaiser. He offers a slightly deeper, more minimalist piece of techno, heavily focused on the percussion. This is the kind of techno that I’d call my “home turf” – this is where I feel at home.

The buildup is excellent, the mix sits like a glove, and it’s just so underground. Yes, Jake. Yes!

Beta Mode – Secret Destinations

… And speaking of underground – we round of with THIS minimal baby that will take you so deep down you won’t know if you’ll ever see the light of day again. So deep, so rolling, so true. On all levels.

Beta Mode is a Danish act, and one thing is for sure: I wanna go clubbing where he hangs. You don’t really get much deeper than this.

And people ask why I love techno. Pfft.

All three are found on our Spotify Techno playlist: The Techno Club, where we collect our selected techno tracks as we discover them. Come follow and enjoy the beats with us!

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