Techno Tuesday: Get ready to be enthralled

I guess we could discuss what genre they belong to but there’s no discussing their qualities. And that’s what matters.
These two are remarkably cool in each their ways and offer a dark, intense, and enthralling listening experience.

Noizinski – Outrun

Ok. Let’s talk basslines.
We got the nice basslines that hammers the beat and make us bop our heads. Then we got the awesome basslines, the tight motherfuckers that stick a grin on our faces… And then, above THAT, we got the shit we got running here. Good grief what an insane bass. And everything else in this track revolves around it, points at it, teases it, praises it… As it should.

This track is just simply one god damn long stretch of goosebumps for me. It runs like waves across my back even when I type this.


Negafook – Petak

Here’s another one with a twist that separates it from the rest. A very catchy recording of a spanish(?) group shouting something I have not the faintest idea what is, but it sounds important. Or not. It’s cool, either way. “We don’t need no education”…

And the techno drive is undeniable here. If this isn’t epic then nothing is. This could easily be the theme track of any massive techno party out there. Slightly acidic, deep as can be, quite minimal, and above all: Rock solid. Pulls me into a mental state of pure trippin’ like few others.

And with a progression that is just right. No stressing to get to the main beef here, and that’s a luxury you can grant yourself when you stretch out as long as Negafook has allowed themselves here: Just above nine minutes. That’s a real club track duration, folks!

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