Tipsy Tuesday: The guilty pleasures

No, I’m sober while writing. But one do have reasons to wonder – because these are two tracks I don’t typically pick. They got vocals, and melody and… Stuff. Even an air horn! Yeah. Madness.

It’s just… I enjoyed’em too much to let them pass! And so might you. Cause they’re good! So, here’s two tracks that I just had to share with you:

Sep – Thinkin’ Bout You

The groove here is just so… Fat.

The gigantic saw-tooth bass just dragging us through a big bad block of pure thick grease. And we glee in joy.

I mean, dammit, this track represent everything I consequently try to avoid! It’s too melodic, too slow, too commercial, too everything bad and still:
When I have this one bouncing in my speakers here there’s nothing else I want to put on!

And it’s about to get worse:

AxMod – Nightwalk

Tech House. One of the dance genres that are looked down on by the electronica snobs. And – uhm… – I have to admit that I kind of understand why.
And here we even got a bloody air horn running!

… But I dig it. I do. I think this track has a lovely, mindless, let’s-lose-ourselves-on-the-floor attitude that takes me back to the crazy club nights with the air choked full of pure good clubbing feel.

So there you have it. Two tracks I would probably sort under “guilty pleasures”. Oh mah gawd, how will my cred focused friends think about me now…
Bah, screw’em. These tracks are cool! So there.

Both of these tracks are added to our playlist “House For Clubbers“, where we collect the tracks that only have one thing on their mind: To create the lovely, carefree atmosphere of dance and partying.

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