Two for the floors!

Two really dance-able house tracks to round off this week. It’s house music, baby!

Artashes Uliyanov feat The Jack Wood – Eeny

This Dutch act provides a really groovy beat under a quite interesting layer of exotic sounds. The result is something left me with a feeling of something strangely familiar, yet totally new. Cool!

A good addition to your dance oriented house playlist.

Newzs – Dreams

And speaking of dance oriented playlists, I think it’s hard to omit this one as well.

The experienced House lover will instantly recognise some really familiar samples in here. It adds a definite “retro” feel to the track. As for me I think it balances well on the border between “new” and “old”, and delivers a predictable but FUN house track with a steady and good build.

I’ll add both of these tracks to our Spotify playlist “It’s House Music!”. Dreams are already there, Eeny will be when it’s available.