Xmas free zone: A down-tempo break from the merry bells!

Xmas. Not something that the underground club world bothers much with. So I’ll keep going as usual and offer you a break from the jingle bells and children choirs. Not that there’s anything wrong with the latter!

Here’s two downtempo nuggets for you:

Demeter – Odyssey

I start off with a really harmonic piece of work. I am really a sucker for exotic sounds in my chill house tracks, so this one is a safe winner in my camp.

A proper, groovy house beat provides reasons to bop our heads. And the chorus vocals – I have not the faintest idea what language we are treated with here but I totally dig it. Maybe even because I don’t understand a word.

Kmodo – Ashram

And how about this one for elegant harmonic house music? So gorgeous, calm, loungy. Kind of reminds me of the atmosphere found in Kidsøs fantastic works – and that’s quite the compliment.

I just can’t get enough of these kind of tracks. I want to build myself an elegant beach lounge somwhere along the mediterranian coast. And when I do, I’ll play tracks like this ALL the time. Non-stop.

Both of these will be added (Demeter when available) to our Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge”, where we collect only the finest deep and lounge house beats: