Deep and Progressive – two siblings that plays well together

It’s been quite a while since I found a Progressive track worth cheering for, but boy have I got one for you today. Paired with a deep house track that really triggers the underground instincts!

Ricky Inch – The Underground

There’s just something about the “underground” type electronica that gels so well with me. It’s so liberately uncompromising, an ultra-focused drive that you just either are onboard with or just totally are left beind. And those who’s in on the ride share that focus. Become one with the track.

And this one, who balances elegantly on the borders between deep house and deep techno, are just totally delivering as promised in the title.

Klipr – Connected

Oh man, yes! This! I really struggle with chaining a good selection of words to properly descibe my relief and sheer joy when I finally, finally discovered a track like THIS again. And that’s unfortunate, with me being a blogger and all. But yeah, this stuff here, this is IT! There are no better combo than progressive house with a tribal groove. I hear this far, faaaar to seldom.

I have to admit that I’m not too excited about the pad/lead type hollow synth that covers up the groove a bit towards the end there, but damn – it was good to hear this kind of drive again!

Todays picks went to each their playlists, one to our “Deep Lounge”, the other to “A Progressive Underground”.