Intriguing encounters

For today I’ve chosen a couple of tracks that have in common that they really are quite different from what I usually go for. Especially the second track. A true oddball. But we all deserve to challenge our preferences now and then!

Arun – Insane Membrane

Here’s a laidback track that really is quite intriguing. A cool groove, never too insisting, more like the really cool guy who just hangs quiet in a corner but everyone notice him because he just oozes coolness.

We are taken on a stroll through a lot of various sounds and samples that’s not really related to each other at all, but still forms a unison totality. Holistic. Trippy.
And above all: Very very cool.

Roca. – Landscape (Gooooose Remix)

Ok, so the first track were pretty accessible. Too accessible, you say? You want to be pushed harder? Ok, I give you Roca.
Here we really enter alternative grounds. Spiritual grounds.

Roca is a duo originating from Tokyo, and their original work is more accessible than this remix by Goooooose, who adds a distinctively darker and more fragmented arrangement to the original version.

Roca was a new aqaintance to me, and a nice one too. I can fully advice you to go check out the rest of their catalogue on Spotify:

Arun is not on Spotify yet, so as of now we can only enjoy his creations on Soundcloud and YouTube. But Landscape is added to our Spotify playlist “The Electronica Outskirts“, where we collect only the most leftfield and alternative tracks as we discover them.

Well worth browsing now and then!