Let’s start the new year in a FUN way!

Here’s two tracks that’s not deep, not introvert, really nothing of what I typically pick at all, one of them is not even all that to dance to, but damn they are fun!

SHSTR – Artificial Sunset

To be totally honest with you I’m not even really sure what genre I’d describe this as – a dubstep/glitch hybrid?

All I know is that this track gives me associations to one of my really big heroes on the electronica scene: Isqa. A guy that nowadays goes under the name No Mana and for some weird reason has deleted all the releases he did under his former artist name – even on Bandcamp. A massive loss cause those two albums were remarkably good.

Anyways. We enter a chaotic, twisting and swirling landscape here, with a monstrous bass, massive side-chained sawtooths, chopped samples and madness jumping around like rabbits on acid. You know the drill.

Now, stuff like this can be cheesy. Too over the top. Too aking to the “teen festival” type of settings.

Not so here. This is just… Really cool. In its own charismatic messy ways.

DJ Matt Black & Eric B Turner – Fire

Ok, so what may be lacking of danceability in the first track (?) are totally compensated now with the next.

And I love this one. Mindless, intense, peak energy, no holds barred. Just a total dedication to the dance floor. I mean, I love everything about it. Absolutely every single component. The chopped samples, the looped vocals, the stomping kick, the bass, the intensity, the whole damn thing.

And it just keeps going! No cheesy buildups, no pompous breakdowns, nothing of that crap that tips it over the border into the tech house abyss.

Nope, it just keeps banging. Over and over and over and oh my god, YES.

Fire is added to our damn funky “House For Clubbers” playlist – a list worth exploring further if you like the above track!