Promo: Atroxity – Chasing The Wolves

I’ve already long ago revealed my blatant intentions to promote also my own releases on this blog. Sooo… Let’s have a look at my new EP, shall we?! 🙂

I’d describe it as a “single with bonus tracks“, really. The first two are the main tracks for this release, with the next being added for good measure. I think they are fun in each their ways.

And as per usual I’ve got some “behind the scenes” titbits about the tracks involved!

Chasing The Wolves

The title track actually started out with the slightly distorted/bitcrush sounding hook that fades in and out again as the main component. That’s the frame I wanted to build around.

But while scouting for suitable synth leads I also came across this bright organ sound you hear as the main instrument.
It was not what I was after but I loved the sound of it and just for fun I started jamming.

And, well, soon I thought, “heyyy, I got something here!” and hit record. What you hear is indeed from that impromptu jamming session.

The Day Death Stranded

So, with the above project taking a surprising turn towards a more bright and melodic sound than I initially set out to achieve, this next track is actually my second attempt at the same.

And you may notice, the structure/arrangement of the track is practically identical to the first. But here, finally, I got what I wanted to begin with. Something deep, dark, confident without being hysterical. And a crossover between deep and progressive, just as I like it.

No More Trump (Use Your Vote)

Alright, on to “bonus track #1”: This one is kind of an “oddball”, I suppose. The audience you hear is recorded during a protest march in New York a couple of years ago. I’ve been sitting on this recording since then, wanting to use it but not sure for what, or how.

It wasn’t really my intention to just add a beat to it and leave it at that, but while working on the tedious timing work of getting all the clips to follow the same tempo I thought that it kind of worked as it were – it let the crowd stay in focus.

So yeah, something of an oddball, or “B-side” as we would have called it back in the days.

Baby On Crack (The Cracked Mix)

A remix of a single I released back in 2018! Or… Actually… It’s more complicated than that.

The original version (as released on the album After The Fall) is in fact a remixed, stripped down version of this one.

This version is much closer to the original make of the track. A few months ago I went back to the first version, brushed off some dust and gave it some extra layers of polish and madness. But in essence, this is how the track were initially intended to be.
In my opinion well suited for a “second bonus track”!

This release should be found wherever you stream your music from. And if you like what you hear, I do of course appreciate a “follow” on your platform of choice. 🙂