Silent Sunday: Light trippin’ on a lazy afternoon

Finally a Silent Sunday again! Finally a return to ambient. And what a selection I have for you today – three of the very best amongst the new releases of the past few weeks.

Cyyxc – Nocturnal (Ambient Version)

The combination of the solitude piano and the distorted, almost threatening noise in the background sets the scene during the introduction. A scene so intriguing that quite frankly I’d wish for it to remain there explore it further. But on the other hand, the changes of scenery makes it more of a journey.

I don’t often include ambient with piano on my list, and that’s deliberately so. A piano is not very “space exploration” like.

But I have made exceptions in the past, and I hope you agree this is one of those tracks where an exception must be made. Very unique, this is so much more than “just another piano piece”.

Excellent ambient work.

PRO424 – Blueprint

And while the first track may have been an exception, THIS track is totally spot on the sound I seek for our list. Looooong pads, loooong decays on absolutely everything, big biiiiig reverbs. We are in space now. Oh yes. Where we belong.

There’s really not so much more to say about this one. It’s really a very classic ambient construction – a combination of electronics and field recordings – but damn it, this sound here is the reason I fell in love with ambient in the first place, and it’ll always have a corner of my heart.

Líom – Through the Sky

Líom from the Netherlands are rounding off this little Sunday session with another of above mentioned types of dreamy creations.

And this track here? Well, it just is amazingly good. It sends shivers down my spine. It makes me want to head to bed – even though I’m well rested and it’s barely afternoon as I write this. Absolutely gorgeous.

Líom tells us, “I used to feel like I was being consumed by my own thoughts. I had gotten so good at overthinking everything that it caused me to spiral downward into a continuous judgemental and mostly, sad state of mind. Luckily through practising positive thought and allowing myself to live a more mindful life, I’ve found my enlightenment back. This shift in thinking has inspired me to celebrate my creativity and start my ambient music project by the name of Líom.”

We’re truly happy for you Líom, and look forward to hear more from you!

These are all obviously added to our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe”, where we add all the best, most dreamy ambient as we discover them – and it comes with a “no beats guarantee”!