Sleepy Sunday: Drifting into the void

I have two excellent ambient works for you today. Two tracks that may not drift too far off the classic ambient sound I often go for, but they sure drift us out, out into deep space. Where else.
Safe journey, spaceman.

Lauge ft ThePianoPlayer – Aftermath

We start out in this illuminated, comfortable space. Wonderful to hear a piece featuring a piano where it doesn’t just instantly take the drivers seat. Instead it floats vaguely in the background, filling out what room the pads leaves behind. Becoming one with them.

We’ve covered Lauge before, and I got a feeling we will do so again.
Such a wonderful, wonderful piece.

The Black Dog – Out Of Your League

Dark, dark, dark. Gloomy. A haunting organ leads us through this landscape. And we are left with a piece of music that leaves us in awe.

There’s something going on here. Threatening? Maybe not, but we sense that not everything is as it should be. As we wished it were.

Both of these tracks are added to our exemplary Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“. A playlist with no beats, guaranteed. Only pieces drifting in outer space, guiding you safely to your destination.