Sleepy Sunday: Submerge into darkness

As usual I have three excellent, new ambient releases for you this Sunday, this time going from the rather illuminated to much darker soundscapes.

Cholosus – Somebody

Starting off with a track that safely sits in the middle of my road. Those of you who follow this column know that this is the kind of ambient that I totally love. A massive soundscape, abstract, evolves slowly like a microorganism, full on harmonies with outlandish events going on in the distance.

Paul Haslinger – Undertow

The next one here is quite interesting. Paul Haslinger (former member of Tangerine Dream) makes a left turn with his solo material, moving into organic ambient territory. The result is perhaps more experimental than usual of what I select, with intriguing details and a very cinematic soundscape.

So emerging from a bright space flight with the first track we now have landed on firm grounds. But what grounds? It sounds peaceful, but quite dark?

I have long wanted to find ambient tracks that was a bit more “leftfield”, and I believe I’m onto something here! And speaking of that:

The Planetary Defence Side Project – The Law

… How about THIS for leftfield productions? Utterly intriguing, and now we are submerged into darkness, only shimmers of light, flickering, giving us a glimpse of our surroundings.

As a study in textures and creativity, this is one hell of a track. Quite short for an ambient piece, but I’d still say it’s the right length for this track. It’s a short story rather than a novel.

We’ve covered releases by The Planetary Defence Side Project before (twice!), and over the course of these releases we can safely conclude that the span of their creativity is impressive. Very cool.

Our excellent Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe” will soon house all three of these. Enjoy those and many others, here: