The calm trio: Three unique moments of chill

Three calm tracks that offers a wonderful, harmonic state of mind. Three gorgeous pieces of chillout electronica that are quite unique in each their ways.

Vandelux – Don’t Let Go

First out is maybe the most accessible of the three, with the wonderful vocals.

A really beautiful creation that originates from Canada, and takes us on a calm ride so harmonic and melodic one have to just lean back and close our eyes. There’s just not a worry in the world. Not while this track is rolling.
A gorgeous track.

Ocoeur – Glow

The next track is the most quiet of the three. We’re entering dreamland now. An ambient scenery is built up until the beat loop enters the picture. A dark, damp, rolling rhythm that somehow brings up steampunk images in my head.

And man, the atmosphere! Unique, great textures, moving like tidal waves towards the shore.
A wonderful instrumental.

Simon de Beer – Verdure

My third selection today somehow feels related to Glow – although the tempo and energy level are obviously higher. But there’s that same dark, damp atmosphere. Same type of textures. But it pulls us carefully in the direction of an underground deep house club.
And we don’t mind. Not one bit.

I added all three to our downtempo playlist, “All chilled out”. A list well worth exploring to discover gems amongst the quieter electronica.