The three steps to nirvana: Deep, Prog and Techno

I’ve often paired Deep with the Progressive branch of the massive House genre. But today I am taking it one step further, and rounds off with a real stomper of a Techno track.

Hessian – Let Go

A classic wiggle-your-toochis vibe here in this elegant house track, such a perfect warm-up track on a lazy beach bar or smooth lounge session.

In essence the established groove just rolls continuously throughout the entire track, but once you’ve established a good vibe you don’t need more than that. It’s nearly five minutes of pure feelgood.
And I felt an instant urge of a colourful drink with a paper parasol on.

(No soundcloud on this one, so you may have to live with a Spotify preview)

7 Moore – Ignition

A massive, deep bass pad fills every inch of the room the moment we enter this creation, done by the Russian artist 7 Moore.

A haunting loop of a vocal sample takes us over to the break, and by that moment we just know that this, this is a track we can groove to. Unique sounding, atmospheric, catchy. Never cheesy, just steady going, resting on the established groove.

Good stuff!

Zerotonine – Apollo

We’ve visited Zerotonine before, and here our Swiss friend demonstrates that he indeed master the stomping techno format real well. More melodic than my typical techno selections, one coud argue that he flirts along the borders to Proghouse. And thus, an excellent track to have follow Ignition above.

Zerotonine has long proved he’s a name to keep up for, so you might just as well just hit a follow on his profile right away.

A list for all occasions! Three tracks, three lists: Let Go entered our fine “Deep Lounge” playlist, “Ignition” were added to our “Progressive Underground” while Apollo found its place on our “Techno Club”.
Three lists worth following: